Only 14% of Global B2B marketeers say that customer experience is ingrained in the fabric of their company. In the UK we are at a heady 15% (we deserve a pat on the back fro this one %.) 

The more important figure is the 85% that don't see it as part of their company. These are the same people (54%) that see customer retention as a key business challenge and 62% Building market share as a key business challenge.

Its clear from these and a number of other statistics in the article that for B2B brand to grow research is pointing towards customer experience as being key. 

The advantage for the 63% of smaller businesses (those with less than 1000 employees) that don't have the funds to spend money on  B2B brand measurement programmes as they can be more flexible in their approach.

What would i do? 

Get board buy in 

Set a sensible set of performance metrics for each customer focused department (sales, finance, support, customer service, product, marketing et al) 

Introduce a customer experience champion (nice internal marketing role)

Learn and repeat

Measure measure and measure has always been a marketing mantra. So has customer customer customer and now its time for experience to join these in B2B marketing.